Civil Litigation

Experienced Advice And Representation In Civil Litigation

Most Americans will never be involved in civil litigation, and that’s often for the best. The civil court system is a very important way to resolve noncriminal legal disputes, but it is not without cost or consequence. Litigation is typically stressful, time-consuming and expensive.

That being said, there are times when litigation is the best or only choice for resolving your legal dispute. Whether you are a plaintiff or defendant in a litigated matter, you will need the help of an experienced attorney like Samantha Parchment of Parchment Law, P.A. Our firm is ready to advise and represent you in nearly any litigated matter.

Thinking Of Filing A Lawsuit? Seek Professional Advice First.

If you’ve been wronged by another person, business or organization, you may feel certain that your legal claim is justified and worth pursuing. But the court system is complex, and even actions that are morally wrong are not always legally actionable.

Before you incur the expense of filing a lawsuit, it is wise to discuss your options with an experienced attorney. Let us evaluate your case to determine if there is sufficient evidence to warrant filing a lawsuit. We can also tell you if there is an alternative way to resolve your dispute that is more likely to succeed or more appropriate.

What To Do If You’ve Been Named As A Defendant

If you are the person being sued, you don’t have the choice about whether the case proceeds. Therefore, protecting your rights by filing an answer and, if necessary, a counter-complaint is very important.

Once served, you have 20 days to file your answer or request an extension to avoid a default. We can assess the evidence that exists to defend a potential or existing case.

Resolving Written Contract Disputes

While our firm is ready to handle a range of civil lawsuits, including personal injury, we have developed a strong focus and skill in resolving contract disputes. This could include breach of contract (both material and immaterial), errors in the contract, problems with the offer and acceptance of a contract, coercion or fraud, or any similar matter.

Resolving Implied Contract Disputes

Even if you didn’t sign a contract, it doesn’t necessarily mean that a contractual agreement doesn’t exist. If you’ve been doing business with another party without officially stating terms, chances are good that an implied contract is already in place. Rather than being written down, these implied contracts typically arise out of relationships, conduct and other interactions between parties.

Our firm can help you enforce implied contracts and resolve implied contract disputes. We will explain your rights and legal obligations and, in some cases, seek to formalize a contract with the other party by putting it in writing.

Discuss Your Options With An Attorney

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